Creating healthy balanced dogs




All Training at Good Dogma begins with an evaluation.  

The evaluation is a 90 minute session where I observe your dogs behavior, listen to your concerns, and work with your dog to determine what are the best avenues for attaining your goals.   Time will be taken for any special behavioral issues that you would like to have addressed.  At the end of the evaluation we will have a plan for your dog’s training  wether it be private lessons, group class, or a board and train program.

Cost: $200  

Individual Lessons at Good Dogma

Individual lessons can be given at our Good Dogma facility to help address specific issues, or answer new questions.

Cost: $60 per hour (Evaluation is required before individual lessons)


Day Board and Train

You may want to follow up a board and train program with some day board and train sessions, or perhaps after some private lessons you would like your dog to practice their skills in a day program.  The day program begins at 9:00 and ends at 4:00pm.  Your dog would practice the skills that they are working on determined by the evaluation, and also have a chance to socialize with the other dogs.  This is not a doggie day care program but  a short term training plan for up to three months of once or twice a week day board and train.

Cost: $50 per day


Board and Train basic obedience

Good Dogma’s Board and Train Program is 3 weeks of focused, structured training, away from your dog’s home environment to establish basic obedience and good manners.  Every day your dog will receive exercise, socialization, and training in our  facility in Grafton NH. Their evenings and nights are spent in my home along with my own pack, continuing training learning  appropriate indoor manners. Dogs who need socialization will be brought out into the community to practice walking, meeting, and gentle greeting behavior. All dogs will learn to walk on leash, stay in place, take food gently, socialize with other dogs, practice impulse control, and follow their human leader’s guidance. Board and Train dogs will also learn to use a treadmill, receive weekly grooming and nail trimming desensitization.  The lasting success of the board and train program depends on your participation in lessons while your dog is here, and follow up after your dog returns home.  Because after care is critical in the lasting success our Foundations course is included and required.  The Foundations course will give you 8 weeks of practice, guidance, and support that will provide you the success you are looking for, for a life time of good behavior.

Cost: $600 per week
2 dogs;  1,000 per week


Behavioral Rehabilitation Board and Train

At Good Dogma we do not shy away from dogs who exhibit concerning habits that make it unsafe to have them in our family homes or community.  Fear aggression, dog aggression,  human aggression,  leash reactivity, extreme anxiety,  compulsive or obsessive issues, or any other strong habits that make life with your dog stressful can be addressed in our safe, structured environment.  Behavioral Rehabilitation usually requires anywhere from a 3 to 8 week program. Consistent leadership, structure, patience, and an understanding of dog behavior  is needed to make a lasting change for these dogs.  This program is dependent on owner participation and commitment to aftercare including the follow up 8 week Foundations class.  Together we can make lasting positive changes that will allow your dog not only to remain in your home but become a cherished canine companion.

Cost:  3 week program  $2,000.00
 2 dogs:   3,500 .00