Creating healthy balanced dogs

Group Classes

Our goal in group class, no matter the topic, is to empower owners with the skills to identify and solve future problems, teach creative ways to interact with you dog, to fulfill their breed and canine instincts, and enrich and deepen the bond with your dog. All classes require registration and a copy of vaccination reccorreds. The required vaccines are identified in the Class Agreement that will be sent to you when you register for a class.


8 week basic obedience, leadership, and dog communication.  $250

Foundations is an 8 week course focusing on the basic structure needed to fulfill your dog’s emotional, mental, and physical needs. Owners learn how dogs communicate, understand levels of excitement and how to manage it, and how to provide the kind of leadership that allows their dogs to be confident well mannered dogs. Dogs will practice the skills of a well mannered walk, impulse control, basic socialization skills, and how to meet and greet family guests, how to meet and interact with other dogs.  Included are obedience commands for sit, place, wait, enough, leave it, and out, along with the all important recall! This class is great for new owners, young dogs, dogs who have need of better manners, dogs who pull on the walk or do not meet strangers appropriately, dogs who have over reactivity to humans or dog, or any owner who desires to better understand what their dog wants and needs from them to be a healthy well behaved family pet.

Our Next Session begins:  Sunday July 25th  10:00am-12:00pm.

If you would like to register for Foundations  please contact Good Dogma as all dogs are evaluated before attending classes.


6 week remote collar training $200

The basics of remote collar training are covered in Good Dogma’s 6 week Unleashed class. Owners learn how to use a Dogtra Remote collar and have help in deciding which one is best for their needs. Foundational work begins by carefully exploring your dogs learning levels on the remote collar and gently teach your dog the meaning for the electronic collar’s signals. The goal of this class is that you will be able to walk you dog off leash either by your side or allowing more freedom with the confidence of a solid recall and safety for you, your dog, and everyone you meet on your daily walks.

Our Next session begins: Tuesday August 10th  6:00-7:00pm

If you would like to register for Unleashed please contact Good Dogma as all dogs are evaluated before attending classes.