Creating healthy balanced dogs


Pack Walks

$5.00 donation to our Rehab and Rehoming program

On the first Sunday of every month Good Dogma hosts a pack walk open to the Good Dogma family of graduates of any group class or board and train program. Pack walks will last between an hour and three hours depending on the weather and the decided trail route. Pack walkers need to bring leashes however those who have completed the unleashed class may take their dogs off leash after the first 10 minutes of the walk provided their dog is using a functioning e collar. Please register for each pack walk by e mail or phone. Directions and walk destinations will be updated on this web site each month. Come and join, it is fun for both humans and dogs alike.

Our Next Pack Walk is __________________________________________

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Sunday Social

$20 to be donated to the Rehab and Rehoming program

A Sunday social is a structured socialization with a pack of dogs. Excitement levels will be kept low. It is the goal of a socialization for dogs to be able to interact with other dogs yet be responsive to their owners. Sunday Social is available to dogs who have completed at least two Good Dogma group classes, have completed a Board and Train program or have completed at least 10 individual lessons. This is not the same as a dog park romp, but will allow owners to practice distraction recall, impulse control, and reinforce good dog social behavior.
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