Creating healthy balanced dogs

About Us

Good Dogma embraces a holistic approach to dog rehabilitation and training. I believe in providing for a dogs instinctual needs, the security of structure and the organization of pack life, while teaching them the behaviors that we humans require of a dog to live comfortably in our homes and families. I have a strong background in behavior modification that began in my early twenties with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education. The scientific approached has been enhanced through my study and teaching of yoga, meditation, and energy attunement. I began my education of dog behavior in 2009 and have studied with trainers Cheri Lucas, Brian Angew, Blake Rogdreguez, Tyler Muto, and Heather Beck, . My greatest teachers however, have been the dogs with whom I have worked and trained. I have a strong emphasis on empowering owners, as training a dog is a just a chapter in the story of dog rehabilitation. Building an owners confidence, educating them about dog psychology, and practicing their skills with feedback is needed if a dog is to truly live fully and fulfilled with their owners. At Good Dogma we are dedicated to enhancing the undefinable bond between dog and human, and the joy of this work is beyond measure.

If you would like to visit Good Dogma please contact us to schedule a time to tour the facility.